Result: May-June, 2024

(May-June, 2024)


Don’t Look Back Trailer

Directed By- Matt Bland
Writer & Producer- Paul Hodgson
Winner- Best Trailer Category

Rubber Ball called GUM MARI in Japan /// boy guitar

Directed By- Hiroaki Hirakata
Finalist- Best Original Music Category

The Queen Of Hearts

Directed By – Johan Henrik Markus Andrén
Winner – Best Short Film Category

What I want to say, Burn! 

Directed By – Luís Damas
Winner – Best Dance film Category


Directed By – Christopher Oliver
Finalist – Best Horror Film Category

Sono L’Italiano

Directed By – Frank P Mancuso & Chris J Adams
Winner – Best Short Documentary Film Category


Written By – Felicia Ann Mead
Winner – Best Screenwriter Category

Project: Bullyish

Directed By – Lillee Jean Trueman
Official Selection – Best Documentary Film Category

High Light

Directed By – Anthony John Orlando
Winner – Best Horror Film Category

Dance Class

Directed By – Marcus Galic
Winner – Best Fantasy Film Category

Frothin At The Boo Tay

Directed By – Maurice Dwayne Smith
Official Selection – Best Actor Category


Directed By – Joe Boi
Winner – Best Unproduced Script Category


Directed By – Simon Barracchini
Written By –James Quinn
Winner – Best Short Drama Category
Best Actor Category

The Soulmate Bible
(TV Series)

Written By – Sydney Bennett
Winner – Best TV Pilot Script Category

Boxing Babylon The Story of Olympic Deva

Directed By – Alfredo De Braganza
Winner – Best Documentary Film Category