Result: April, 2024

(April, 2024)


Girl On Fire

Written By – Kimberly Fisher
Winner – Best Script Category

WET Episode 1 “Have You Lost The Game?”

Directed By – Jonathan Nolan
Winner – Best Web Series, Best Animation Film Category
Finalist – Best Experimental Film Category

SATURNEERS Episode 1 “Death-Maze of Kemok Thunn”

Directed By – Jonathan Nolan
Winner – Best Fantasy, Best Web Series Pilot Script, Best Superhero Feature & Best Actress Category
Finalist – Best Sci-Fi Movie & Best TV Pilot Script Category

Bloodline Blues

Written By – Kimberly Fisher
Finalist– Best Script Category

Salem and the Witches of Hollow City

Written By – Joe Boi
Winner – Best Unproduced Script Category

The Tableherder

Directed By – Aleksandr Tretiakevich
Winner – Best International Short Category

No Time To Think

Directed By – Daniel Vossen
Winner – Best Action Movie & Best Actor Category

The Morrow Case

Directed By – Jordan Edwards
Winner – Best Horror Film Category

The Cycle of Life

Directed By – Matt Bissett-Johnson
Finalist– Best Animation Film Category

Vale Road

Directed By – Glenda Cimino
Winner – Best Sci-Fi Movie Category

Bog Meditation

Directed By – Glenda Cimino
Winner – Best Poetry Film Category

A Bushranger’s Curse

Written By – Jeffrey Milne
Winner – Best Script Category

Soul of the Ocean (Her Heartbeat)

Directed By – TerryLee Whetstone
Winner – Best Short Documentary Film Category

Ode To Ruben

Directed By – Maurice Dwayne Smith
Winner – Best Short Drama Category

Security Man “Unveiling the Secrets”

Written By – Mark John Alden
Finalist – Best Script Category

You’re Safe With Me

Directed By – Monique Grimme
Winner – Best Original Music Category
Finalist – Best Music Video Category


Written By – Brian Nolin & Eric Eidem
Winner – Best TV Pilot Script Category


Directed By – Brian Nolin & Ian Nsenga
Winner – Best Short Film Category

7 Deadly Sin’s

Directed By – Suzanne Kathleen Brimley
Winner – Best Experimental Film Category


Directed By – Russell Emanuel
Winner – Best Trailer Category


Directed By – Mickael Abbate
Winner – Best Thriller Film Category

RainyDays and silver linings /// boy_guitar

Directed By – Hiroaki Hirakata
Finalist – Best Music Video Category

Jessinton Cole: Where Are You Now

Directed By – John Ninnis
Winner – Best Original Music Category

Down and Out in Vampire Hills

Directed By – Craig Railsback
Winner – Best Acting Ensemble Category

A Merry Scary Holiday Card

Written By – Eric Faulkner
Finalist – Best Short Script Category

Island Dreams

Directed By – Rhonda Valerie Head & Gabriel Constant
Winner – Best Music Video Category

L’Onore Palermo to NY

Written By – Frank P. Mancuso & Giuseppre Ferrara
Finalist – Best Short Script Category

Smoking Babas Holy Men of India

Directed By – Alfredo De Braganza
Winner – Best Documentary Film Category


Written By – Matthew L Stevens
Winner – Best Short Script Category