(AUGUST , 2023)


Kudos on attaining this accomplishment! Your persistent devotion and resolute commitment to pushing your capabilities to their utmost have genuinely yielded results.


Written By – Frank Mancuso, Christopher J Adams
Winner – Best Short Script Category

A Colorado Christmas

Written By – Tiffany Colling
Winner – Best Short Script Category

Grave ‘n’ Breakfast

Directed By – Benedikt Keller-Zeller
Finalist – Best Short Film Category

This is the Life

Directed By – Jamie Doughty
Finalist – Best Student Film Category

Empaths & Apples

Directed By – Kelli Reilly
Finalist – Best Music Video Category

The Haunting of Old House Woods

Directed By – Matt Lolich
Winner – Best Short Documentary Film Category

The Hill

Written By – Paul Hodgson
Finalist – Best Script / Screenplay Category

Don’t Forget to Remember Me

Directed By – Carla Pekander
Finalist – Best Short Film Category


Written By – Pamela Perry Goulardt
Winner – Best Short Script Category

Alien Traitor

Written By – Andrew Cahill-Lloyd
Finalist – Best Script / Screenplay Category

Ghosts_of_URBANCROW/ Forget PARCO not.

Directed By – Hiroaki Hirakata
Finalist – Best Original Music Category

The Traverse Device

Written By – Terry Mills
Winner – Best Script / Screenplay Category


Directed By – Armin Alic
Written By – Jon Paul & Erik R Campoy
Winner – Best Short Film Category


Directed By – Joanna & Rubens
Winner – Best Experimental Film Category

To the Rescue

Directed By – Cynthia Ellen Gall
Winner – Best Student Film Category
Finalist – Best Short Film Category

Little Forest Lessons

Directed By – Alissa Autschbach
Winner – Best Thriller Film Category

Blow It Up

Directed By – Marisa L Williams
Winner – Best Women’s Film Category

A City in Chaos

Directed By – Lisa Tuvalo
Written By – Lisa Tuvalo, Morris D. Small & Nikki Smallwood
Winner – Best Short Drama Category

Born to Love, Again

Written By – Clayton James Dudzic
Winner – Best Drama / audio drama Category

The Stones of Rome

Directed By – Sean Tansey
Finalist – Best Short Drama Category

Heirs of Justice

Directed By – Andrew Morales, Jeffrey Yarush & Manon Sullivan
Winner – Best Superhero Feature Category
Best Acting Ensemble Category
Best Web Series Category

Ask the Old Guy

Directed By – Anthony Lamar Carter & Onjanet Williams
Winner – Best Short Documentary Film Category


Directed By – Anthony Mercer
Written By – Mark Kelly & Noel J. Rainford
Winner – Best Short Film Category
Best Actress Category

Dear Mom – Official Music Video

Director & Writer – Christopher Martini
Writer & Singer – Shannon Book
Winner – Best Lyrics Category
Best Music Video Category
Best Original Music Category
Best Cinematographer Category

Tears of a Death Maiden

Written By – Nathanial House
Winner – Best TV Pilot Script / Screenplay Category

The Beast of Love 2

Directed By – Terry Mills
Winner – Best Silent Film Category

Checkered Trix

Written By – Anthony Dayne Applegate
Finalist – Best Unproduced Script Category

Stand Tall!

Written By – Vincent J. Paterno
Winner – Best Unproduced Script Category

True Friend

Directed By – Matthew J. Roch
Winner – Best Short Drama Category